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An unwavering dedication to financial advisers

An unwavering dedication to financial advisers

At HTK, we believe in creating trusted partnerships. It’s why independent financial advisers have chosen us as their broker-dealer and registered investment adviser for more than 50 years. We are focused on helping our advisers build their practice and serve their clients through all of life’s stages. Our vision is to grow our network of advisers who share the belief that a sound financial plan includes personalized solutions for financial protection as well as wealth management.

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Our firm is defined by the support and flexibility we offer our advisers.

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Trusted Relationships

We take the time to get to know our advisers and to fully understand their needs and goals. From initial onboarding through ongoing support, our team is here every step of the way to answer questions and provide resources to help our advisers be successful.

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Adviser-Focused Culture

Advisers thrive with HTK. With a smaller size of 800+ advisers,1 there are ample opportunities for networking, peer-to-peer support and sharing of best practices. We recognize our top advisers, and ensure that the voice of our advisers is always heard.

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Industry-Leading, Flexible Platform

HTK is powered by the industry’s preferred technology platform and leading investment solutions. Advisers with HTK have more options and greater independence so that they can meet their clients’ needs and build their practice, their way.

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1For calendar year 2018.

Guided by our values

The core values of our parent company, Penn Mutual, are ingrained in the HTK family and are reflected in the way we work with each other, our advisers and our clients.

  • Acting with integrity

    We have the conscious intention to do the right thing. We pay close attention to the implications of what we do as individuals and what we do for our business. We take pride in being a strong link in the chain of integrity and enabling others to take personal responsibility. In doing so, we strengthen our level of commitment, quality and trustworthiness.

  • Respecting one another

    We see each other’s distinctiveness as a valued asset. As we invoke the special talents of each other in service to those who count on us, we draw loyalty, diversity and strong partnerships. We are inclusive, and everyone can expect that we will act as custodians of their trust.

  • Focusing on relationships

    We foster meaningful connections with others. We have a shared responsibility to grow our relationships. We work at being self-aware and enable respectful challenge and honest discourse as a way to build authenticity and trust. We are attentive to others, taking into account their needs, wishes, aspirations and vulnerabilities. We are capable of being entrusted with some of the most important things in people's lives.

  • A shared sense of belonging

    We evoke our place as part of a larger world that we influence and that influences us. We know that our success is dependent upon cultivating a vibrant and dynamic community capable of riding the winds of change. We feel responsible to collectively steer our future so that the possibilities emerge just when they are needed. We promote inventiveness, adaptability, citizenship and accountability.

  • Sustaining our legacy

    We are trusted guardians for what we promise. Our actions are consistent with building enduring strength. We are passionate advocates for the company so that our stellar reputation comes alive in everything we do.

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